Delivery throughout Ukraine

ukrlogistica.localhostpany provides timely and reliable cargo delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine by purpose-built vehicles from leading world manufacturers.

Transport logistics provides:

  • Regular timely delivery to more than 4,500 outlets throughout the territory of Ukraine within time period 24 to 48 hours;
  • Control of temperature conditions during transit;
  • Online tracking of vehicles using GPS system;
  • Delivery of cargo in different formats – box, cargo package, pallet;
  • Control of shipment, cargo escorting at each stage, a prompt response to various unforeseen situations;
  • Ability to respond promptly to the “problem” and solve them quickly;
  • Transportation of cargo in two-temperature conditions by one vehicle;
  • Individual approach to each delivery channel due to varied lorry fleet taking into account the delivery points;
  • Return of documents to the Consignor (documentary escorting of cargoes);
  • Cargo insurance.

ukrlogistica.localhostpany is a reliable partner in the delivery of your cargo!